Candid – Clear Aligners

Virtual consults are free and can be less intimidating for those who are a little nervous about visiting an orthodontist for the first time. They are also very convenient since the photos can be submitted at any time from the comfort of your own home.

If you have additional questions after you receive your treatment options but still do not wish to visit our office, we are happy to schedule a video call for you with one of our doctors.


Remote Aligner Treatment Monitoring

Candid takes the convenience patients enjoy with Invisalign and other clear aligners one step further by offering remote monitoring throughout treatment.

After one visit to The Smile Store for a thorough exam that includes digital imaging and x-rays, patients who choose Candid clear aligners can do the rest of their treatment at home. Instead of coming to the office for regular check-ups, patients submit scans of their smile using Candid Monitoring and their cell phones.

A licensed orthodontist reviews the scans and informs the patient whether they are ready to move to the next set of aligners, if their oral hygiene is adequate, and if any changes in treatment need to be made. No more scheduling appointments or trips to the office!


3D Scanner Replaces Messy Impressions

Having impressions taken of your teeth is one of the most unpleasant parts of seeing an orthodontist. Fortunately, there is an easier way to get the information we need to create your treatment plan.

Instead of taking impressions with trays and clay, we now use a 3D scanner that creates digital images of your teeth in a matter of minutes. This technology also reduces the time needed to get your treatment started since the images can be sent to the lab electronically.


Get Retainers Right Away with 3D Printing

To keep your smile looking its best after you are done with braces or Candid clear aligners, you’ll need to wear a retainer. As a convenience to our patients, we have their retainers ready and waiting to take home at their last appointment.

We’re able to offer this service with our 3D printer. We use images taken at your next-to-last appointment to print your retainer before you return. This saves you a trip to our office and allows you to start wearing your retainer right away.