CBCT 3D Imaging – State of the Art Imaging

We are committed to offering our palients excellence in dentisu y and the highest level of patient care. Our investment in state-of-the-art dental technology and products is part of that commitment.

As your dental practitioner, it’s my job to promote oral health so you can keep your natural teeth throughout your entire life. It’s also my job to provide treatment when disease or conditions require intervention. In our office, we utilize both 2D and 3D x-rays to obtain accurate information about your dentition and surrounding anatomy. X-rays are necessary so we can accurately evaluate your overall oral health and properly diagnose areas of concern.

Digital X-rays

X-rays yield a wealth of informat ion used for evaluation and treatment planning. However, it does expose the area we’re imaging to radiation. We want to give you the facts about radiation and alleviate any concerns you may have.

A!lult pr!IIOl<llTill Image                                                       Adult b1tc wing image

What is Radiation?

Radiation is a form of energy in waves. It exists on a specuum; there is low- frequency radiation such as radio waves and

Adult 30 1rnage

Clinician taking a

CBCT image with a                                                       

Planmeca V1s0 G7


Responsible Im aging

Our number one pnonty rs excellent patient care, and that includes practIcIng responsible imaging. We don’t take x ray images that are unnecessary. We’ve also invested rn an x-ray imaging unit that offer s the industry’s lowest

radiation. Our 30 x-ray system can take an image with an average reduction of radiation dose up to 77% compared

with standard x-ray imaging protocols! That’s important to us anet one of the reasons we chose this imaging system.

How are Ext raora l Im ages Acquired?

Takrng an x ray image with our imaging urnt 1s simple. You will either stand or sit, for patients in wheelchairs, comfortably rn the unit. The clinician will select the proper program and the gantry, the part of l11e unit that takes the x-ray, wrll rotate around your head. The scan is painless and takes a few seconds. Images acquired will be available immediately. You will appreciate seeing these images during your patient consultation. They will h0lp you understand the treatment we are recommending and why it’s essential.

Better Patient Care

X rays are a necessary part of dentistry. They allow us to know more about your anatomy for optimal oral health, accurate diagnostics, and efficient treatment planning. Havrng this information will enable us to perform procedures that are often less invasive, better for you, and offer the best outcomes.

The x-ray system we use is from a company called Planmeca. Planmeca 1s a Finnish based company and the leader in x-ray technology. We’re proud to offer this kind of adwrnced technology in our office. If you’d like more information, please ask one of our knowledgeable dental team members for a tour!



Planmeca Pr oMax’ 30 Ul D, small field of view

image of a tooth

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patient illhl):l’

A t,,ght from NewYork to Los Angeles Smoking 1.5 packs  of  cigarettes Chest x-ray

L1v1ng at ,;ea level


Living in Denver, CO

/\bdominal CT scan

Dose of Radiation

in MicroSievert s

0.1 µSv

5.5 µSv

10 pSv per ye<.1r


40 µSv

80 pSv

100 µSv

151 µSv per yeilf

300 pSv

500 pSv per year

i.400 µ::w

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