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Are you thinking about getting your teeth whitened? Maybe you’re a big coffee drinker and, over time, your teeth have become stained. Perhaps you recently quit smoking and want to whiten your teeth as part of your fresh start as a non-smoker. Whatever your reasons are, you may want to consider Zoom whitening.

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom whitening is a popular method of teeth whitening because it takes very little time to work and is effective for most people. Before making your decision about Zoom whitening, review these answers to frequently asked questions about this teeth whitening procedure and maintenance to achieve long-lasting results.

The Zoom Whitening Procedure

First, a protective cover is put over your lips and gums leaving only your teeth exposed. Next, the dentist applies the whitening gel to your teeth where it will remain for 15 minutes. A special lamp is used in combination with the hydrogen peroxide Zoom whitening gel to remove stains from your teeth. More gel is applied every 15 minutes. The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes.


Once the whitening is complete, a different gel is applied to your teeth to lessen sensitivity. Before you leave, you will receive a touch-up kit and advice from your dentist about which foods you are able to eat and drink. As a note, it’s recommended that you get your teeth professionally cleaned before receiving Zoom whitening. You will want your teeth to be as clean as possible before the actual treatment.

How Much Does Zoom Whitening Cost?

On average, Zoom Teeth Whitening costs $450 in Miami

.before teeth whitening

Photo was taken before Invisalign & Teeth Whitening treatment

after teeth whitening

Photo was taken after Invisalign & Teeth Whitening treatment

Is Zoom Whitening permanent?

No. Certain foods, drinks, and tobacco will still stain your teeth – even following the procedure. Avoiding items like coffee, carbonated drinks, soy sauce, pasta sauce, and red and white wine can help you maintain your newly whitened teeth.

Brushing your teeth in properly and having professional cleanings on a regular basis can also help to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. Since you’ve taken steps to get your teeth whitened, it is best to be aware of how your diet and habits affect the appearance of your teeth.

Can Zoom Whitening damage my teeth?

If the Zoom whitening procedure is performed by a trained professional the chances of damage are minimal to none. If you’re thinking about first trying an at-home whitening kit, it is important to first do your research. Too many experiments at home may result in damage to tooth enamel. During any whitening process, one must remember to stay on the clear diet, the fact often overlooked by those who chose over the counter teeth whitening systems.

Is Zoom Whitening painful?

This depends on the pain tolerance of the patient. It is said to be a very mild sensation however, some patients with sensitive teeth have reported some pain. To lessen the feeling of sensitivity following the procedure, using Sensodyne toothpaste is recommended one week before the procedure, and  Advil is often suggested to provide relief.

Can I smoke after Zoom Whitening?

Yes, you can smoke 48 hours after teeth whitening, but it will stain your teeth. This procedure doesn’t prevent your teeth from staining. It whitens your teeth. It’s up to you to make good choices about avoiding activities, foods, and drinks that are likely to stain your teeth.

Can I do Zoom Whitening on cavities and crowns?

No. Zoom treatment cannot whiten any foreign material. It is designed to whiten only tooth enamel. It is better to whiten your teeth before having a cavity filled so you can match that dental work to the new shade of your teeth. The same goes for a crown. You want to get a crown that blends with the color of your newly whitened teeth. If you are due to have a cavity filled, a crown put on or any other dental work performed, talk to your dentist about your interest in the Zoom whitening procedure.